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Injection steroids

Injection steroids are directed to increases in weight or building and drying of muscle bulk. They act 10 times more oral as quickly get to blood and are acquired for 100%. These are the most effective steroids which allow to increase power indicators and to achieve desirable results in any kind of sport.

Tabletting steroids

Oral steroids are quite convenient in application — they are chosen by athletes who do not transfer pricks and do not want to change a form of reception of a preparation. Also these steroids are chosen by beginners and athletes who will have to pass a doping test soon — preparations quickly enough (till 10 days) are brought out of an organism.

Growth hormone

Hormone of growth is a polypeptide hormone which is applied in sport for the purpose of formation of muscles and a relief. The main effects consist in anabolic, anti-catabolic influence, and also preparations possess fat-burning properties.

Increase in force

For the athlete it is very important to receive the increased force after a course of use of steroids. On a course it allows to extend trainings, to raise indicators, after a course — to improve the achievements. Means for increase in force work differently. Some work due to increase in liquid in articulate bags, others due to strengthening of sheaves, etc.


When using steroids each athlete has to pass the drying period — the relief of muscles turns out by combustion of excess subcutaneous fat after a weight set. Duration of process of drying depends on physical shape of the athlete, observance by it of a diet and graphics of trainings.


Zhiroszhigateli is a class of preparations which promote reduction of fatty deposits in an organism. They can act by suppression of appetite, blocking of synthesis of fatty tissue, removal of excess liquid, decrease in amount of the absorbed fats from food, stimulation of a metabolism.

Endurance increase

Endurance is an opportunity the person to carry out certain exercises at the necessary speed even at feeling of fatigue. For endurance increase many athletes use special preparations and food additives. Especially this need concerns athletes, and also the athletes working at a distance.

Improvement of a dream and restoration

The dream is means for reset of all body which allows the person to be restored completely after physical and intellectual activities. Improvement of a dream and restoration is possible by means of reception of some means of sports pharmacology.


Protection of joints from damages

Cartilages and joints of the person are constantly subject to loading under different corners. Moreover, some preparations after a steroid course lead to an excessive conclusion of water from an organism that reduces amount of circumarticular liquid — it gives pains and unpleasant feelings. Own hormones help to heal large-scale damages after trainings with strong loading — the quantity them in an organism can be increased artificially.

General strengthening of an organism

In bodybuilding often apply peptides to the general strengthening of an organism. They increase a gain of muscle bulk and in parallel make positive impact on strengthening of sheaves, increase immunity of the person.



Anti-estrogen is preparations in tablets which slow down aromatization process: transformation of testosterone to female sex hormone estrogen. They are applied both on a course of steroids, and during the period after course therapy.


Steroid courses are under construction depending on an experience and the athlete's opportunities. Beginners are more susceptible to low doses and slaboaktivny preparations, skilled athletes "got used" to them and do not react. Steroid courses, as a rule, are under construction of several preparations, but beginners can use means solo. There are ready steroid courses which are used most often by fans or beginners.

After course therapy

After course therapy includes a complex of preparations which help to return sexual thirst for the partner, to restore production of own endogenous testosterone and to lower side effects from a steroid course. Preparations after a steroid course are, usually, several substances which are applied throughout all course of steroids or at the exit from it plus 3-4 weeks of use after the last tablet or an injection of a steroid.



Peptides help the athlete to regulate a weight set, preparations for a weight set quickly collapse in an organism that allows athletes to pass without problems a dope control, fat-burning peptides suppress appetite and promote weight loss, strengthen immunity. Some preparations have the strongest anabolic effect that is expressed in growth of muscle bulk.

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